Our Profile Book!

Today, as I’m thinking and praying for the mama who will view this book soon, I thought I’d share a few pages with you. I mean, I spent months constructing it, it should see the light of day more often. Or, at least the back light of your cell phone. 😉


Family Pages!

Some Fun Sprinkled In the Mix…

And the Final Remarks…

There are, of course, more pages – ones specifically written for the mother in which it was made as well as extended family pages; pages, quite frankly, I didn’t care to share here on the world wide web. But this is the gist! I’m resisting the temptation as I read over it this morning (after not looking at for several months) to critique down to certain verbiage things I would change today. That’s the funny thing about time. It always changes your perspective. And being a creative…it never seems to actually be finished.

I’m also resisting the temptation to be in despair assuming we won’t be selected based on these flimsy pages. Even just this morning my devotional was on trusting the Lord to make a way for His plans to succeed. This enormous weight I feel to pursue adoption is evidence of the seed He’s planted and watered in this heart of mine. 

Sometimes I feel like a broken record here; spewing out the same few lines over and over. But my heart needs to hear them. And if I’ve learned anything over these days of waiting, I know my heart isn’t the only one that needs reminded… I fully believe God is making a way, on the way, for His purposes to go forth. So hear it all again, one more time, from still-empty hands in the waiting: 

God is moving mountains right now you cannot see. He’s aligning the pieces even as we speak. The Son is still shining regardless of what appears to be a cloud-covered sky. You are not out of place just because you are waiting. There is purpose even now. Walk in confidence. The Creator God – the Original, always-doing-something-new God – is on your side. Who can be against?

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