Sponsored, Say What?!

That’s right! And the following is not an April Fools joke. 😉

Adoption, for us, has always been a part of Plan A.

In the bucket seats of my future husband’s little red sports car, driving past the local Kmart Plaza with Dairy Queen cones in hand, we decided how we’d build our future family. 

Have two.
Adopt two. 

It’s what we reminded ourselves and others during our two year engagement and through our first few years of marriage. But when our firstborn came along after a season of undiagnosed and untreated depression, the plan got tougher to implement….

If you’ve been around here for a while, much of this probably isn’t new to you. But what will be new for you, is where it’s posted: On the Wanderlust and Mayhem blog!!

For the month of April, Kathleen from WAM has graciously offered to sponsor our family’s adoption costs. $7 from every bow sale directly proceeds our adoption!!! And aren’t they just so cute?! I wonder who picked out those fabrics… Hmmm….

We did. We picked out the fabrics. ha!

We are so thankful for Kathleen and her willingness to sponsor our adoption. And so thankful for every member of our tribe who loves, follows and champions our adoption story. I just can’t wait to see how God unfolds the details.

Click here to read what we shared and here for the reasons behind each fabric we choose. Then, go grab yourself a bow or two for someone you love. 🙂

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