Raising Funds and Avocado Trees

Welp, we’ve reached that point in this journey. It’s time to start building some serious funds to bring this baby HOME!!! I’m such a wash of anxiety, excitement, debilitating fear and longing. Each one spilling into the other. If you’ve asked me how I am lately, my answer is usually just, “Okay.” Mainly because I can’t seem to even make sense of my own coursing emotions.

So, side note: Anyone want to buy my hair?


…I wish I were kidding.


Several months ago, I started propagating some avocado pits. I would daily check them for progress, but it seemed unsuccessful. There they just sat, inserted toothpicks suspending them an inch deep in a quart jar filled with water, unmoved. Until, finally, one day the developing roots within the seed cracked the hard exterior of the pit. Ever so slowly, roots pushed beyond the shell and lengthened.

A quarter inch.
            A half inch.
                       An inch.
                                         Two inches.

Though the real excitement occurred when the seeds sprouted a tiny stem skyward.

it grew.

Each time my eyes would scan across the flourishing new growth, a feeling of accomplishment flooded my heart. Though the step I’d dreaded most would test my fragile ego more than I anticipated: Pruning.

I had read how necessary it is to cut back the stem for the plant to focus on the growth that would eventually be beneath the surface of the potting soil. It needed to widen and establish its base to gain the strength required to weather storms of living in a home with tiny humans and a large dog. Without such vigor, it would surely fall under the daily pressures of survival.

Though all of it was necessary, I reminded myself, it was also hard to witness the strife the little plant had to endure at my hand.

Lately, my heart’s been in a similar state. It had been growing in such great strides. Flourishing as the wins stacked up in our adoption journey. All I’d wanted for weeks and months was to see that word completed attached to our home study documentation.

As we crested that mountain, however, the much larger summit of financial strains came into focus. Before distance had shrouded its monstrosity. Now, however, it taunts this sensitive heart of mine. The chasm between where we stand and where we need to be, mocks me. Like a small just-pruned avocado stem, I feel as if I lack the necessary gumption to tackle what lies ahead. I am weary just looking at the path.

But I take comfort as I continue to daily watch these little plants. They didn’t give up. In fact, just the opposite.

If my avocado seeds had been planted in dirt, I would have missed the monumental growth they are still undergoing. The roots thickening expansion. The fingers elongating and multiplying to establish more hold once they are planted within the folds of the soil.

None of it visible in the stunted advancement of the stem.


So, though these coursing emotions race through my veins as mixed and uncertain as the days, I am resting in the ever constant promise of my Savior. This heart is being strengthened, established. Taking root in unchanging hope regardless of the waters I tread.

So with that mindset alone, I open up our fundraising website: https://www.purecharity.com/text-editor/teamreadadoption


Here’s what you need to know:

  1. All donations are tax deductible.
  2. 100% (minus 5% fee) of any gift received will go directly towards our adoption. In fact, it never even crosses our hands. This company sends all donations directly to the agency on our behalf.
  3. Our adoption will likely cost between $15,000 – $20,000 (more or less depending on specifics unknown at this point in time).
  4. Our very first goal is to have $5,000 ready at the time we are matched. (Matching could literally be any day now or it could still be months away. We just don’t know.)
  5. We cannot THANK YOU enough. We are eternally grateful for your trust in us and in God’s plan; your love, prayers and financial support.


Our prayer for you as you consider helping us along this journey:

May you experience mountains too steep to climb and journeys too treaturous to venture through alone. And as you pursue the lofty goals set before you, may you too know what it is to dwell in the richness of Love’s redeeming invitation to live and move and be in presence of the Almighty. Which is worth the quest. Every. Time.


The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
Psalm 23:1a


More FUNdraising endeavors to come!

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