Still Want a #teamreadadoption T-Shirt?

We are so excited to see our #teamreadadoption shirts in action! Guys, we are continually blown away. What a blessing y’all are!


When I opened up the mailbox, with my running car waiting at the end of the driveway, and saw that package, I could not get inside the car fast enough. As soon as the I’d shut out the cold air, I busted open the package and began throwing shirts in the direction of its new owner; each more excited than the last. Until it was finally my turn to spread out my beautiful shirt and look at each detail. It’s so soft! Naturally, mine was on the bottom of the bag, making me wait the longest! Go figure… #momstatus Anyway, we sat there for several minutes before finally pulling up to the house and exiting the car. Once inside, I almost immediately changed and wore it for the remainder of the day even though we didn’t have anywhere else to be.


Call me dramatic, that’s fine, but I have never before known the excitement of wearing my hope, calling and pride all rolled up in one, like a banner. Hope that I will one day snuggle a baby who I’ve carried in my heart longer than I would have in my womb. The calling I feel stirred up within me again and again as we step forward on this journey. And the pride of accomplishment that we designed these shirts to point others towards our ultimate hope in Jesus Christ as we walk out this calling in faith.


Well, with each picture shared, we are being sought out with one question. “Where can I get one of these?!” So, fortunate for those of you who have reached out to us, we listen. And…



All you have to do is click here, select your fancy and you’re all set!


Here are just a few of our shirt wearin’ friends. Will you join the movement?! Pass on your shirt wearin’ pics!





FYI: The fundraising organization we are using,, processes orders once each successful campaign is finalized. “Successful campaigns” are deemed not by a met goal, but once the minimum purchase requirement has been reached (the minimum being determined by the selection of shirt types, color options and price points). So, though we can restart a campaign whenever we choose throughout our adoption process, with each campaign, the minimum must be met before orders are processed.


#TeamReadAdoption T-Shirt Fundraiser Results!

(I won’t pretend you came to this post to read a bunch of words, so I kept it short, for me at least. 😉 Pertinent information is hidden within each paragraph, including the total raised through T-shirt sales! See how tricky I am? There will be a test at the end. Okay, no there won’t, but I still hope you’ll read all of it!)


To those who gave, shared and prayed over our first fundraiser: THANK YOU!!! We raised $221.15! Mere gratitude, however, doesn’t even begin to cover the emotion we feel for you. Although, we did not meet our goal, we are trusting the Lord to provide in other ways. This is just one more opportunity for God to use as He writes our adoption story about how He tackled every obstacle that stood between us and our child. Besides, the support we feel already in this process cannot in the least be measured in a dollar amount.

You, our friends, are a blessing.

Only in Heaven will the fullest version of this story be told. For every prayer uttered in our stead, you are being written into the very fabric of this tale. You are a part of the beauty that will surround the moment when our arms finally wrap around the treasure God has waiting for us. We don’t take that lightly.

Speaking of your part in our adoption story, if you a part of our village in anyway, through financial, prayer or social media support, we’d love for you to snap a quick photo of yourselves and send it our way! We want to be sure your involvement in spurring us on during this journey is known to our child some day. If you did purchase a shirt, we’d love for you to be wearing it in the picture! Our desire is for them to know that God moved the hearts of a village to bring them home; that coincidence held no place in this story. My prayer is that one day when the enemy tries to lean into his attack on our child, which if this past month has taught us anything it’s that he will, he/she will have tangible proof that God moved mountains to plant them here in our home and He’ll do it again for them, then. I’m so humbled to have you join with us. I know now, more than ever, we can’t do it without you.


We have more fundraisers coming! If you want to jump into this story, there’s still time.


This month marks a year since God called us to pursue adoption. It was something that had been brewing in our hearts for many months, even years, leading up to that time, but November 2016 was when the possibility transformed into a calling. We’ve spent the better part of the past year working towards this goal, which has included the sale of our first house and the purchase of our new home where our family and homestead can continue to grow.


To celebrate National Adoption Month, the month of November, we’re kicking off our very first fundraiser to help us bring home baby Read! We invite you to join with us on this journey and help us get the word out about #teamreadadoption. You, our friends, are a crucial part of this endeavor. We need your support to make this a reality. Please lift us up in your prayers. Share with us your words of encouragement. Tell us your stories. Come alongside and walk with us. Help us spread the news. Here’s how:


  • Buy a t-shirt: Not only does a percentage of each shirt sale go directly towards our adoption fund, but it shares our story in a tangible way within communities. It is purposefully designed to spark conversations, promote our cause and implore others to action. Just buying and wearing our shirt goes a long way.



  • Share. This post, our blog, our t-shirt campaign and/or our adoption fund website, whatever, just share! Just a quick click on any – and ALL! – of your social media accounts makes a huge difference.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for praying, purchasing, sharing, whatever part you are called to play as you walk with us to help bring home our baby. We can’t do this without you. Truly. Friends, God is about to move mountains in our stead.