FAQ: Answered.

“What kind of adoption are you pursuing?”
“Where are you adopting from?”
“What age child will you most likely bring into your home?”

The answer to these questions and more can be found in our last post: here.

Aaaand, the usual follow up question to the preceding:

“Where are you at in the process?”

Well, let me take the next two minutes of your time to answer that question for you: 


We are currently in the step labeled: Home Study. The agency explains it this way on their website, “The home study process is our official way of legally approving you to adopt. We will collect a lot of information about you and your family during this time. An Adoption Assessor, LSW will visit you 2-4 times during the home study process. The Home Study typically takes two to six months to finish.” 

We are now in week four of this process. We’ll be scheduling a home fire inspection, safety audit, health examines, well tests, etc., etc., etc… If you’ve been through this, you well know the journey. We have books to read, forms to fill out, details of exactly what we’ll allow in our home, and much work to do over the next several weeks. Not to mention the first big chunk of money to be released from our hands in faith. To simply say we’re overwhelmed may be the biggest understatement I’ve made all week. However, I’m desperately clinging to my Savior as I deliberately take each step in stride. God has already shown up in more ways than we can count. We know He isn’t finished yet. So we plunge forward, knowing with every outlet cover, safety gate and smoke detector, we are that much closer. And with each forward movement we feel the peace that transcends all understanding confirm over and over: We are on the right path. 


We so appreciate your prayers.
They are not only heard, but felt.
Blessing through and through.