Ahhh Normal…But Wait!

The alarm clock rang. Okay, it rang a few times before we finally decided to rise from our slumber. But rise we did. The coffee was made, teeth were brushed, breakfast was had and the day begun. Instead of take it all for granted, however, today my man and I breathed in the simplicity of normal.

These past few weeks have been unpredictable to say the least. What was planned to be a time of celebration, family togetherness and pleasure, turned into days riddled with anxiety, intense pain and uncertainty. So today, the renewed winds of normal were sweet to bask within.

As I watched my husband drive away in his little white car, I vowed to the Lord that no matter what obstacle lie in my path today, I would take it in stride. I would rehearse the Lord’s faithfulness of days past to keep in perspective the tiresome task of shaping little attitudes. I’m all too aware: Life could always be worse.

Then we got an email.

In all the craziness, I didn’t share that once again our profile book was being presented this past week. In all honesty, I was – well, am – still just trying to figure out how to get through the days again with some semblance of control. This fight of the enemy was a doozy… But, back to the point.

Our profile book was shown and….

We have been asked to meet with the expectant mom!

Now, this step does not always happen. Sometimes no contact is made between biological and adoptive families but through the adoption agency. It just depends on personal preference and specific circumstances. This also does not mean we have been matched. We are just one family she has chosen to interview as a possibility. But… we are on her short list, which is exciting!

God gave me a word for this new year several weeks before I found myself stumbling into it. I didn’t know at the time how desperate I would become for security, but He knew I needed to know I was secure in Him regardless of my surroundings. He also gave me a vision. As I mourned the loss of my ideal the last time our profile book was to be presented, I saw myself knelt in prayer while the enemy moved in to attack. But standing guard surrounding my helpless frame was God himself. (Have you heard the song Surrounded by Michael W. Smith? Oh the goosebumps!)

With Rob’s health scare, these past few weeks were at times terrifying. In that dark hospital room, my entire world seemed to spiral out of control. The possibility of life returning to “normal” felt like a distant and unattainable dream. But God did it. Today, for all intensive purposes, is a normal day. The Creator God moved in such a powerful way to show me no matter what I am secure in Him; the specifics of which… oh man… Ask me, I’d love to share. But it all happened because you our friends and family prayed; an army was unleashed of warriors on their knees.

Thank you seems so insignificant here, but they are the only words I have to convey my gratitude.

So today, as I contemplate this meeting with a mama who might see within us a safe haven for her precious baby, I’m trusting my faithful God to do it again. To move.

So yes, here I am, “needy Jamie” asking for prayer once more. But I whole-heartedly believe God is doing big things in our midst – not just with us Reads, but within you my friend as you pray. And I would ask you for two specific things:

  • First, please cover this mama in prayer. I know firsthand the levels of anxiety that can happen when left unreined. In her shoes, I, personally, would be reduced to a puddle on the floor with emotions seemingly too big to conquer. Please bring her before the Lord as she works through the specifics.
  • And second, as always, I ask you to pray that the child in her womb would leap for joy if we are to be her child’s parents. If not, pray for peace to know our day is coming. For He who began a good work here will be faithful to complete it.

Here’s to being found secure in Jesus, no matter what normal looks like in 2019!

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