The Dance of the Skies

This morning I awoke early. The glowing moon was huge in the night sky as it made its final decent. Though my first instinct was to snap a picture, the camera couldn’t grasp even a fraction of the beauty. So there I sat, perched at the window as the moon slipped below the horizon line, setting like the evening sun. The glow about it, hazed and divided by the ribbons of wispy clouds, chased swiftly after its source and soon disappeared as well. All that was left was the soft light of the early morning air devoid of a focal point.


Hours passed before the first morning light began to skip across the cloud ridges; turning the darkened sky aglow with shades of crimson and raspberry and scarlet. The dance illuminated the entire sky, sweeping from one side to the other. Until finally, the sun itself appeared over the ridge line. The shift in position pointed rays of sunlight across the frost covered earth as it awakened from the night’s rest.


Daily I’m overwhelmed with the vastness of the heavens. Mesmerized I gaze upward as the rhythms sway in and out the days; the clouds roll in and out the storms. With the constant expanse ever transpires a new surprise. Humbled yet filled with purpose I heed its display.


As this wait to be matched with our child draws out, the skies daily comfort this longing heart. The incredulous array of daily wonder are a steady reminder our God is in control. His voice that spoke into existence the grandness in which I marvel is still speaking life over our story.


We are not forgotten.
We are not dismayed.
We do not wait in despair or vain.


The timing this morning was perfect to witness such enormous splendor in the moon’s descent. I’m praying for eyes wide open as to not miss the miraculous in this season. Humbled, yet filled with purpose, I heed its display.


Today, I wait with renewed hope on the God who set in motion the dance of the skies. I marvel at how He is transforming this heart of mine as we live in the ebb and flow of this waiting. And I trust His perfect timing even as I long for it to be in mine.  After all, the most vibrant colors paint the sky when the sun in just out of reach.

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