This month marks a year since God called us to pursue adoption. It was something that had been brewing in our hearts for many months, even years, leading up to that time, but November 2016 was when the possibility transformed into a calling. We’ve spent the better part of the past year working towards this goal, which has included the sale of our first house and the purchase of our new home where our family and homestead can continue to grow.


To celebrate National Adoption Month, the month of November, we’re kicking off our very first fundraiser to help us bring home baby Read! We invite you to join with us on this journey and help us get the word out about #teamreadadoption. You, our friends, are a crucial part of this endeavor. We need your support to make this a reality. Please lift us up in your prayers. Share with us your words of encouragement. Tell us your stories. Come alongside and walk with us. Help us spread the news. Here’s how:


  • Buy a t-shirt: https://www.bonfire.com/teamreadadoption/ Not only does a percentage of each shirt sale go directly towards our adoption fund, but it shares our story in a tangible way within communities. It is purposefully designed to spark conversations, promote our cause and implore others to action. Just buying and wearing our shirt goes a long way.



  • Share. This post, our blog, our t-shirt campaign and/or our adoption fund website, whatever, just share! Just a quick click on any – and ALL! – of your social media accounts makes a huge difference.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for praying, purchasing, sharing, whatever part you are called to play as you walk with us to help bring home our baby. We can’t do this without you. Truly. Friends, God is about to move mountains in our stead.


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