Day One

The plan is now officially set in motion. The plan that has been slowly creeping into existence the last ten months has finally been busted wide open into full blown, let’s-go-mode. The data has been collected. The paperwork filled out and signed. The check written, errr, I mean cash withdrawn. (That’s a funny story involving a forty minute drive only to find the checkbook devoid of checks and all federal buildings closed thanks to Christopher Columbus. And chicken that was just too sweet, but we won’t go there.) The envelope’s been addressed, stamped and has officially shipped (you know, now that it’s a day other than one set aside to remember a national hero.) What’s ‘The plan’, you ask? Well, here’s our big news:



The Reads are adopting!


Or maybe it’d be better said, pursuing adoptionWe are only in the beginning stages of this thing (unfortunately). It’s going to be a long road ahead yet, a time frame only the Lord knows. Oh, and when I say it’s already been months, I mean, it’s been months working towards this goal. In fact, we thought we’d have sent that paperwork long ago and be much farther down this path by this point. God had a different plan involving additional steps we didn’t foresee. Yet, we firmly believe He already knows the child that will be placed in our arms. As well as where we will need(ed) to be, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in order to be ready for our newest family member. So, we’re trusting the One who called us will not only equip us for the journey, the lifelong journey, ahead but also sustain us as we wait to see it come to fruition.


You’re all smart, I’m sure by now you’ve guessed it: This is the place we want to document our journey; to keep our family and friends updated on the process. (And to keep ourselves busy, because let’s be honest, I don’t wait well. I feel like I am ready now, as in right now, to be rocking a baby rather than my laptop – which, yes, yes in fact I am doing.) In the coming days, we’ll fill in the landscape of the picture on how this all came to be, the steps along the way and let this be a place we purposefully, intentionally, share with you our hearts.


In case you’re new to our story, we have two biological children, Lucas and Eliana. Being parents for five plus years now, we are continuing to learn daily that parenting is a unique responsibility, more than just what two people can bear. “It takes a village” as they say. We completely agree. (Though who ‘they’ are is still to be determined, but I digress.)  In short, we want you. We need you on this journey with us and we covet your support, your been-there-done-that advice and certainly your prayers.


When we finally see our prayers fulfilled with a tiny human being placed in our arms to love, care for and raise up, we’ll need you all the more. This parenting thing, it’s hard. We already know it, but this, this is new territory for us. So we want to invite you, yes you, to be a part of our village. Walk with us. Pray with us. Come along side us.


This journey is only beginning, but I can already tell, it’s going to be a good story. And I’m a sucker for good stories. Here’s to day one!

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